Monday, March 29, 2010

No classes this week

Hi everyone

I hope everything is going well with the sponsorship proposals.

Please remember that there are no lectures or tutorials next week (i.e. Week Nine) as it is a week dedicated to you for your sponsorship field and activity work. You should have had a AFP police check made earlier in your uni career - if you have not had that could you please contact Sarah Ross of UC? If you are undertaking active work next week I can email you an Indemnification Form for the sport organisation that protects them if you are careless or negligent when having an accident there.

I interviewed Narelle Casey, Sponsorship Executive of the Canberra Raiders recently and it is still being edited by Leonard Low of the Teaching and Learning Centre. Len and Leigh Blackall (of NISS) did the filming. We shall post it as soon as we get it. Leonard's help has been great and added to the quality of the work you view.

As a matter of urgency, could you:

Please email me or text me or call me to let me know who is in your sponsorship proposal presentation group or if you are presenting individually. I will post the presentation timetable on Moodle. This is vital as we have obtained larger rooms for some weeks and not for others so I am thinking of alternatives to this - which depend upon how many groups and how many tutorial weeks we need for these. PLEASE CHECK MOODLE IN WEEK TEN FOR ROOMS AND TIMETABLE OF PRESENTERS!

We start the presentations the week after next, the week starting Monday 12 April - in Week 10. A staff member will draw lots and I will post the timetable for presentations on Moodle in Week 9.

The feedback from sport organisations has been very positive.

See you Tuesday 13 April.

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