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Assignment: Develop and Present a Sponsorship Proposal (40%)

Please read the overall description in the Unit Handbook pp.6-7. Your proposal does not have to actually be presented to a real/potential sponsor but does have to be based upon a sport organisation, team, event or business etc. and be a possible proposal that could be used by them to obtain appropriate sponsorship. You will write it and 'pitch' it to the class as though you are genuinely seeking a sponsor for your organisation or its team, event etc.

The assessment criteria are:

Your Written Proposal 20%

This is the written outline of your sponsorship proposal and the record of your time with the sport organisation.

Rationale and relevance

This explains the reason for the proposal and the relevance of the content's significance in obtaining sponsorship. 4%

Structure and coverage of key elements

This is now increased in marks (from 5%) as it reflects a clear input of work, a coverage of the significant components of a sponsorship proposal and is an appropriate and well-structured proposal. Remember, there is no one template for a proposal but there are common elements found in those which are well-designed. 7%


This is a key element as a lack of clarity will usually reflect an ill-written proposal. Clarity means that the writing is excellent, the proposal is clear, concise and coherent and a potential sponsor can easily follow the content. Each 'step' or part of the proposal is clear. 4%


Given the range of situations that class members are in and the parallel with the Research Methods unit practicum, the criterion of a Logbook has been reduced in marks. All students should hand in a logbook - any student with difficulties in doing so must see me. "Students will hand in a log book outlining the hours worked with the sport organization. This will record all meetings, the research conducted, time spent identifying potential sponsors and time spent developing and preparing the sponsorship proposal. " If you have opted to have other time in an organisation recognised towards this assignment you are faced with a challenge. 5%

Your Proposal Presentation 20%

This is the simulated presentation of your sponsorship proposal as though it is a real situation and the class are the potential sponsor(s).

Congruence with Proposal

The presentation must have a close fit with the written proposal. This implies a clear preparation for the presentation and familiarity with the written proposal. 5%

Client Engagement

The presentation must obtain and hold the attention and interest of the class and assignment marker as they are the potential clients. 5%

Communication Skills

The ability to talk clearly, to use modes of communication effectively and be persuasive underpin the quality of the presentation. 5%


You are presenting a significant piece of sport management work. The professionalism encompasses the organisation, setting, appearance and handling of the presentation. There should be no difference between what you do in this presentation and what you would do in the reality of an actual sponsorship presentation. 5%

i wish you well.

Monday Mini-Lecture 1 March

1. The Class Sponsorship Challenge

Tuesday Lecture

Presenting The Sponsorship Proposal

1. Setting the Scene

2. Key elements of Success


Fund Raising

1. Establishing needs

2. Successful fundraising plans

3. Developing successful fundraising plans.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Community Sport Sponsorship

Link to this video on uSream

What is our community? Rural - urban

A geographic area? An area (e.g. suburb with common characteristics such as culture, ethnic identity, socio-economics, work commonality, traditional ties, special populations)

The role of sport in our community: for its own sake - or, as a means to an end?

What do we want a sponsor for?

What would a sponsor get through their sponsorship of us?

Considerations in Obtaing A Community Sport Sponsor

1. Potential sponsors need to build/retain local goodwill

2. Link your club to a community-oriented sponsor

3. Link your team a sponsor who wants exposure

4. Often in a community we ask "Who do we know who has a business that may sponsor us?"

5. Consider co-sponsors e.g. a food company and a clothing outfitter

6. The prospect of visual elements of the sponsor's presence can be a magnet for potential sponsors

7. Know your target audience and the sponsor's target audience

8. Consider a state-wide or national business or retailer with a local branch

9. Look at various forms of sponsorship you can see in sport and other spheres and crutically consider if these could be used for your community sport sponsorship

10. Is there a business establishing itself locally that sees sponsorship of community sport as a plus?

11. Use the expertise of local tertiary institutions to gain knowledge of sponsorship proposals, obtaining funding, research, database searches, surveys,

12. Potential sponsors can have a"fit" with specific aspects of your club/team/athlete e.g. footwear, clothing, equipment

13. How can sponsorship advance volunteer roles?

14. How can sponsorship advance gender equity or social inclusion?

15. Find a 'new' aspect of sport that could facilitate new sponsorship or grants e.g. 'green sport'

16. Consider approaching a state or national sport body that has 'fostering community sport' as a goal

17. When you have a sponsor, then get the local high school or TAFE or university to run a pre-sponsorship survey of awareness of the sponsor (and your club?) and, after the season ends, run a post-season survey of awareness of the sponsor (and your club?)

Community Sport Sponsorship In Action

1. Billboards at the ground. Inside? Outside?

2. Bumper stickers

3. Results in sponsor's window

4. Sponsored newsletters

5. A sponsored newspaper column

6. A local time on local radio

7. Competitions that link your club and the sponsor e.g. a prize being some of the sponsor's goods or services or coaching from a local celebrity

8. Shopping discounts or sponsor's coupons - perhaps along the lines of "Buy ten, over time, and get one free"

9. Set up a sponsored website and capitalise on the use of a social media site

10. Locals could purchase match, event or function tickets at the sponsor's shop

11. If the town or district has a special annual day with parades etc. have a sponsor's float

12. The sponsor could use past champions or current club celebrities as a drawcard at functions, in-service training etc.

13. Competitions in the sponsor's window e.g. know your local club

14. Provide free tickets for the sponsors

15. Have a Sponsor's Day at a particular match

16. Have free admittance for a number of sponsor employees to club functions

17. Consider location/geographic/locality sponsorship e.g. sponsoring a certain golf hole, an equestrian jump, segment of a a mountain bike course

18. A mini-Olympics type evening

19. Sponsor naming rights to a competition, event, match, team, player, event, trophy, playing venue, all or part of a building etc.

20. Use of a logo - the sponsor's, the club's or a combination of these

21. Signage: such as in public places, in/out of the stadium, the Leader Board or Championship Board

22. Hospitality naming rights: tent, room, suite, box, table

23. Use of a local sport celebrity to open new business ventures to have a car provided with the sponsor's name

24. Apparel or gear or equipment provided and endorsed with the sponsor's name

25. Including the sponsor's name or keyword(s) in the club team title so it is heard frequently

26. Sponsor offers free service as an investment e.g. free meals at local restaurant or takeaway leads to higher levels of purchased meals at other times

27. Link with health issues and use sponsor's expertise to obtain grants e.g. space for sport, adaptive sport, race for health

28. Arrange for the sponsor to attend an elite event in your sport at the state league/competition level

29. Tap into local trusts that may have grants which a skilled person in your sponsor's organisation can help you to apply for

30. Use your sponsor's connections e.g. with business service groups, with the local community civic authorities

31. Are there part-time or internship positions with your sponsor?

32. Sponsoring sections of races, competitions, charity runs, events, 'Ride 4 Your Heart' etc.

33. Purchasing club equipment or having the sponsor donate these

34. Sponsoring of club databases and/or have the database of your members available to your sponsor

35. Sponsor video of your club for use in community schools or service organisations

Tuesday Lecture

Sponsorship Cont. Slides to be added here

1. Effective Sponsorship Proposals

2. Measuring the Impact of Sponsorship


1. Field Placement for sponsorship assisignment activity.

Sponsorship Proposal Assignment

A more detailed set of marking criteria for the Sponsorship Proposal in Week Four (next post).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Advertising, Public Relations and Grants


I will aim to have the Monday mini-lecture online at 2:30pm (the scheduled lecture time), each Monday. This week we have two videos to consider as part of the lecture.

Please note that although there are two hours timetabled for each tutorial we shall normally use only one hour but will use the full two hours when we have student presentations.

Link to this video on Youtube

Please watch these videos (as mentioned in today's mini lecture). Each provides insights into sponsorship, advertising and public relations... The impact of sponsorship is apparent...what does the respective sport, in each video, gain from the sponsorship? What does the sponsor gain from each sport? Check back on the definitions of sponsorship and see how any or all of those apply to these videos.

B2B Marketing: IBM & Wimbledon

Daytona 500 Winner on NASCAR Sponsorship

Monday Mini-Lecture 15 February

A. Public Relations - Advertising - Grants - Sponsorship

1. Characteristics of these.

2. Which to use and when.

3. Questions to consider.

B. Checking out some sources for sponsorship information.

Tuesday Lecture


1. Sponsorship Fundamentals

Defining - establishing likely sponsors - process of obtaining sponsorhip

2. Who sponsors sport?

Sponsoship Fundamentals Presentation slides on Slideshare


To the Wednesday tutorial group: as I noted in Tuesday's lecture (16 Feb.), please contact me (if you have not already done so) to discuss moving from Wednesday's tutorial group to the Tuesday or Thursday tutorial group. The number of students who opted for the Wednesday tutorial group is so small we cannot effectively have the media conference and sponsorship proposal presentations in that tutorial. This means there will be no Wednesday tutorial from Wednesday 24 February on. If you put your name down for the Wednesday tutorial and cannot shift to the Tuesday or Thursday tutorial then you must: see me about an individual tutorial time AND arrange to be part of a Tuesday or Thursday assignment group - that means you need to come to their tutorial when they do their presentation.

All students please note that the tutorials start at 9:30am Tuesday for one hour duration and 10:30am on Thursday for one hour duration EXCEPT for the weeks 6, 10,11,12,13 when student presentations are given and we then start at the times in the handbook.

Make sure you read the unit's weekly outlines here on Moodle as there are some weeks when you are with your sport organisation and the week is free of lectures and tutorials!



Media Conferences

1. What is the media?

2. What is a media conference?

3. Effective media conferences

4. The media conference assignment.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Hi Everyone

Link to the first week's video on Youtube

The Sport Sponsorship and Media lecture timetabled for Mondays in Room 2B04 at 2:30pm each week will not be taken in the lecture room. Instead, there will be a weekly online mini-lecture and range of critical considerations for you. The first place to check will be this Moodle site and from there you will be given other linkages. This will be discussed in the lecture on Tuesday 9 February at 3:30pm in Room 2B04.

The online lectures will commence in the second week of Semester One as a result of the Tuesday class discussion and input. So, in the first week of the semester, there is only the Tuesday lecture and no Monday lecture or tutorials.

I want to use social media as points of interaction and point you to various sources and, particularly, raise issues of sport sponsorship and media in the online material. Please check into this Moodle site at least each week. If you locate a good source or provocative site or informative material then please share it with the class.

Monday Lecture

No Lecture today. Monday lectures begin next week (15 Feb) online with additional information such as referrals to other sites, videos and scanned material. Points for critical reflection will be noted. Always check this Moodle site for reference to a You Tube site that is created for you.

Tuesday Lecture - defining sponsorship

In 2B4 on Tues 9 Feb. This is the introductory lecture and we will go through the Unit Handbook (I have copies for you) and gain an overview of the unit. A 'working definition' of sport sponsorship will be provided. The online media will be discussed and the organisation of tutorials.

Link to this week's slides on Slideshare


No tutorials this week.